Our Story

 Wyld Kī represents life energy and returning to your natural, vibrant state. Everything is energy and holds a frequency, which is why the entire Wyld Kī line is made with intention and integrity, using 100% organic oils and carefully harvested plant botanicals. Wyld Kī delivers high-vibrating products that uplift your energy while deeply nourishing your body. 

You are unknowingly exposed to countless chemicals each day. Wyld Kī was birthed from our founder, Heidi Wiest’s desire to have an all-organic line so that people can begin and end their day with luxurious products that are super clean, elevating their vibration to the high state they were born with.

Instead of cutting corners by using cheap oils and toxic fillers, as most luxury brands do, Wyld Kī uses only the highest quality oils and organic plant botanicals. The entire line is 100% organic using ingredients that have been wild-crafted from small farms in the USA. We also manufacture our products in the USA, ensuring pristine quality control. 

It takes about 2 months to make our products because everything is naturally sourced, using only the best ingredients nature can provide. The entire line of luxury beauty products is vegan and organic with potent anti-aging and nourishing botanicals.

Heidi originally wanted to name her luxury beauty line “Wyld Chi” because Chi means energy, but her son’s name is Kai, so the line is pronounced “Wyld Kia”. Kī also means water, which is a powerful element in nature that represents the healing power of Wyld Kī products.


Meet Heidi

Heidi Wiest is the founder of Wyld Kī. A celebrity hairstylist, sound healer, reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher. Her passion for health, beauty, and spirituality inspired her to take classes in herbology in Bali, where she learned about specific oils and herbs that impact your overall health and beauty. Heidi also holds certifications from the School of Natural Skin Care International.


Heidi has been passionate about hair and skin care products for over 20 years. She previously had a successful line of beauty products that were not organic. Once she learned about the harmful effects of many of the ingredients that are regularly used in skin and hair care products, she ceased production and immediately shut down her line of beauty products.


Several women in her family have been diagnosed with cancer, including her mother. As a mother herself, she knew she needed to protect her body from the harmful ingredients found in most beauty products. Heidi didn’t want to be a part of the problem; she wanted to be a part of the solution.


With a passion for beauty, she didn’t want to stop using products that enhanced her skin and hair. She went on a journey to find a clean brand. She was attracted to luxury brands that use brilliantly beautiful marketing that makes them appear to be natural and/or organic. Unfortunately, whenever she would read the labels, she would discover that most were using poor-quality ingredients, like sunflower oil, sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. This lit a fire in her soul to create a luxury brand using organic oils and potent plant botanicals with fountain-of-youth-like effects.


With 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, her mission is to create a true body-mind-spirit line of ultra-clean beauty products that work better than the most expensive luxury brands out there. Heidi is an advocate for every woman’s right to enjoy beauty products that are both organic and luxurious. 


From the food she eats, the products she uses, and the energy field she cultivates, Heidi is obsessed with health, beauty, and frequency and is honored to share her luxury beauty products with you.